Tonya Joyner Scott is known for her authentic and passionate delivery in everything she does. She is a Mindset Development Trainer and International Speaker who has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences in the thousands.  She teaches people howto upgrade their mindset, get out of their comfort zones and live their lives to the fullest extent. After starting her career in Government, she decided to leave her comfort zone and experience the entrepreneurial path.  She is seen as the go-to person for helping people shift their paradigm from limited thinking to limitless possibilities.

Tonya’s reputation as a gifted and inspirational speaker, trainer, and compassion driven success mentor is consistently spreading throughout the business community. Her engagements and trainings are connecting to a growing number of people seeking financial growth, emotional restoration, mindset development and spiritual transformation. Pulling from life-lessons learned from personal trials and tribulations, Tonya brings forth insightful, engaging and stimulating experiences and empowering conversations.  She has traveled the world on multiple occasions communicating inspiring examples, transformational information and personal stories that audiences can connect with and draw from.

She is helping people by breaking the bondage over their minds, allowing them to live lives FREE of mediocrity, limiting beliefs, and the fear of failure.

Some Accolades

  • SRT Certified Mindset Coach and Instructor

  • Instructor of the “Upgrade Your Life” Weekly Training Series with SRT Global

  • Certified Speaker through NBC University.

  • Selected leader from the Direct Sales industry to professionally film with Dr. John C. Maxwell on

  • Multiple 7 Figure Club Earner in her Direct Sales Company

  • Featured in Business for Home Magazine relating to success in the Direct Sales Industry

  • Former Host of the “The Upgraders Show” on the Direct Sales TV Network which appeared on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Google Play.

  • Host of “The Upgraders Show” podcast on Apple Itunes, Podbean and Google Music

  • Appeared in the Huffington Post in an article entitled “Million Dollar Magnetism” and a contributor to the Huffington Post book review of NY Times bestselling author, Bishop TD Jakes and his book

  • She has co-authored over 4books on personal development, mindset development, relationships and faith and their soon to be released book, “Luminaries”.

  • Tonya graced the cover of the 1st Edition of “Her Story Matters”, a London based magazine on empowerment, inspiration, business, finance and other topics and she is a contributing author.

  • Tonya was a Panelist, Speaker and Honoree of the 2019 “I Declare Greatness” Conference from the Purses, Pumps & Power Network.

  • Tonya is the Founder and Visionary of “Conversation Camp for Women” which has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of women all over the world through conversations that promote healing.

  • Tonya is the Founder of the “Shine Movement” which is a project highlighting the stories of women to impact, inspire and encourage other sisters to shine.

Tonya has been married to her husband Dexter for 18 years and they have 4 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren. Her life’s work is to expand people to a new dimension of thinking in every aspect and tag line is, “Exposure Brings Closure”.